Proctor Station   Tacoma, WA

Proctor Station is a strategically located mixed-use project situated in the City of Tacoma’s Proctor Mixed-Use Center district. Fronting North Proctor Street, the undertaking proposes a blend of new multi-family residential, retail, and parking uses in a development that takes advantage of the City’s new, forward thinking zoning regulations. Appropriately scaled to fit the City’s goal to promote the development of desirable, convenient multi-family housing in mixed-use districts by rehabilitating and improving existing vacant and underutilized parcels.

RM/d was brought in as a partner to manage the development and leasing of the 151 apartments as well as 12,000 square feet of ground level retail.  Rick, along with a locally based partner, is responsible for all aspects of this multi-story urban development project which was completed on January of 2016.